Zoe Deleu. Chef and Founder


"As long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with eating delicious food.

Growing up in France, my mother always cooked. We spent every Saturday morning at the farmer’s market. It’s a big part of why my food is always super fresh. 

I cook for my clients the same way I cook for my friends and family, with a focus on making sure the main ingredient of each dish is always the star. 

My first career was graphic design. But after fifteen years as an art director, I decided to follow my first passion: cooking!


Naturally, with design in my background, I love to play with colors and textures when I cook. To me, a beautiful presentation is just as important as how the food tastes.

Before I launched my own company, I worked in several catering companies’ kitchens. Today I cater all types of events: business lunches, photo shoots, corporate cocktail parties, store opening, private dinner parties, weddings. The list goes on… " 

Zoé Deleu. Chef and founder

Zoé Deleu. Chef and founder



Our Food & Services


We offer a variety of delicious options for your business events.

We create memorable gatherings with our homemade breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and hors d’oeuvres, as well as cocktail parties.

We can fulfill a range of requests, including flowers, rentals, drinks and bartending.

We will deliver your items, and can provide experienced, professional and friendly staff, including an onsite chef upon request.

Because each event is unique, our quote is based on your specific needs.

We want to work with you to build a personalized menu specific to your tastes. We thrive at crafting menus inspired by our clients and their brands.

We choose, as much as possible, to use seasonal, locally-sourced produce and other foods.

We are happy to answer any questions, and we look forward to working together with you to create your perfect business event.


  • Policy: Price Minimum is $700 Dollars - Payment POD, Minimum Headcount is 12 Persons.

  • Any party that cancels within 48 to 24 hours from the delivery time, will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost of catering.

  • Any party that cancels within 24 hours of the delivery time will be held responsible for 100% of the cost of catering.

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