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We love to get creative with custom menus tailored to your tastes and personality. From our fully staffed services for your company’s buffet stations to our drop off services featuring individual packed breakfast and lunch boxes, we put the same care and creativity to come up with the perfect solution for your needs.

Using sustainable and locally sourced produce we can provide food from 25 up to 800 guests.

Chat with our corporate catering department for more information and share with us the type of food and service you are looking for!


drop off service

For our drop off service we can arrange individual breakfast and lunch boxes delivered to you on-site with cutlery and napkins. All of our food is wrapped or contained in recyclable and compostable boxes.

Minimum order for box delivery : $600

Breakfast Boxes

Breakfast Box 1 starting at $15/ per guest

1 small sandwich . 1 house baked pastry . 1 small bowl (chia pudding or yogurt parfait with fresh fruits and granola

Breakfast Box 2 starting at $15/ per guest

1 housemade granola bar . 1 house baked pastry . 1 small bowl chia pudding or yogurt parfait with fresh fruits and granola

Breakfast Box 3 starting at $19/ per guest

1 vegetarian frittata . 1 small sandwich or small grain salad . 1 small house baked pastry 1 small bowl with chia pudding or yogurt parfait with fresh fruits and granola

Lunch Boxes

Lunch Box 1 $20/ per guest

1 sandwich . 1 small grain and vegetable salad . 1 pastry and small fruit salad . 1 small water bottle

Lunch Box $25/ per guest

1 sandwich . 1 medium grain and vegetable salad . humus and crudité, 1 small fruit bowl . 1 pastry . 1 small water bottle

Lunch Bowls Vegetarian $17/ per guest

grain, roasted vegetables, salads... 1 bread roll . 1 small pastry or fruit bowl 1 small water bottle

Lunch Bowls $25/ per guest

grain, roasted vegetables, salads, roasted chicken or salmon . 1 bread roll . 1 small pastry or fruit bowl . 1 small water bottle


buffet station

For our station option, food is served on our nice china platters and wood boards. We can also arrange a freshly cooked egg station, or a pancakes and crepes station. Contact our team for more options informations and costs. Prices mentioned are only indicative, and are calculated on a per-request basis depending on your needs.

Minimum of food sale per order : $700

Station Breakfast

Breakfast starting at $25 per guest

homemade granola, low fat yogurt and seasonal fruits | seasonal vegetables and cheese frittata | mini bagels and fresh bread assortment | cream cheese, butter and fruit spreads | assorted homemade breakfast pastries | coffee, tea, orange juice, still and sparkling water

add ons:

breakfast sausages $3 per guest

mini sandwiches and tartines assortment $6 per guest

house beet curd salmon with capers, radishes, tomato

$8 per guest

seasonal vegetables and cheese rustic galette

$45/ 10 per guest

fresh press juices or smoothie $4 per guest

sliced cheese and charcuterie platter $5 per guest

avocado toast with shaved vegetable $5 per guest

Station Lunch

option 1: sandwiches lunch starting at $25 per guest

Assorted sandwiches (choice of 3)

Choice of two side salads

Small party assortment (choice of 3)

option 2: full lunch starting at $38 per guest

choice of two protein dish

choice of three sides including a grain and a salad

one dessert

still and sparkling large water bottles

Menu Sample

Breakfast Sandwiches:

swiss cheese | smoke french ham | light mustard sauce and baby lettuce | cream cheese | shaved vegetables | fresh herbs | tomato jam | smoke mozzarella | butter lettuce | scramble eggs | arugula | parmesan | avocado | watermelon radish | cilantro


roast beef, roast baby tomato, watercress, horseradish aioli in a mini bun | creamy goat cheese, roasted beets, sautéed spinach, balsamic reduction | lemon, caper tuna salad with chives | white beans, arugula and tapenade | smoked gouda, apple butter, sea salt, Boston lettuce | grilled chicken, tomato chutney, lemon aioli, lettuce | roasted broccoli rabe, pork roast, roasted pepper aioli, roquette | asian chicken salad with cabbage salad | roasted fall squash, arugula hazelnut pesto, manchego cheese | Mini Bhan mi (grilled chicken, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumbers, cilantro and spicy mayo in mini baguettes)


roasted baby tomato, farfalle pasta, roasted fennel, broccoli rabe pesto .black lentils with caramelized fennel, shaved kales, sliver almonds, goat cheese and caesar style vinaigrette | roasted three colors beets, goat cheese, crunchy quinoa, pickled beets greens vinaigrette, red oak lettuce | roasted cauliflower with sautéed spinach and grilled onions, spiced almonds, fried capers, raisin | green beans, asparagus, sugar snap with parsley and citrus zest, crushed hazelnuts | traditional ratatouille | pearl couscous with spiced rub roasted summer veggies, mint | heirloom tomato, melon and feta salad, basil | curried roasted yams with honey, chili pepper, lime yogurt and herbs.steamed and raw radish salad with kimchi sesame vinaigrette, little gem lettuce, sesame seeds | roasted and raw fennel salad with blood orange, baby spring greens

Lunch Bowls:

turmeric infused Israeli couscous, roasted fennel, zaatar and lemon grilled chicken, salsa verde | french lentils, roasted vegetables, pickled red onions, tahini herbed sauce | curry baked salmon, baby farmer’s market green, cucumber and radio salsa, preserved lemon vinaigrette | teriyaki grilled chicken, basmati rice, wild black rice, kimchi cucumber salad, sesame vinaigrette


Harissa rubbed steak with orange fennel relish

Roasted chicken with sautéed mushroom and apple, creamy mustard and rosemary sauce

Curried yogurt marinated roasted chicken with ginger, coriander and apple salsa

Roasted chicken with fennel, oranges, pomegranate, dates and sumac

Zaatar marinated grilled chicken skewers with lemon tahini yogurt sauce, cucumber salad and fresh pita bread

Shredded chicken with carrots, Napa cabbage, mint and sesame vinaigrette

Grilled chicken with grilled oranges, castelvetrano, feta, chick peas and rosemary


Teriyaki roast salmon with cucumber kimchi (non dairy)

Lemon and zaatar roasted salmon with roasted carrots, baby tomato, scallion, roasted red onions, cilantro

Hazelnut crusted salmon with arugula and parsley sauce

Grilled salmon with roasted baby carrots, bb tomato, red onions, scallion and cilantro

Salmon with green olive, pine nuts and raisin parsley salsa

Blackened salmon with mango salsa, and lemon sauce

Zoe Deleu offers a truly fine catering experience. We have worked with Zoe for over five years, during which time she has prepared intimate lunches, large scale formal dinners and cocktail events, as well as everything in between. Zoe’s food is absolutely delicious, composed of the freshest and finest ingredients, totally relatable and made with love. The presentation is always creative, elegant and welcoming and the service is outstanding. Zoe is also quite collaborative and works with us to make sure that each menu is exactly right for every occasion.
Her culinary talent, professionalism, and pure love of food
combine to make for a great experience every time.
— Jane at JWT