Zoe Deleu,

Chef and Founder

"As long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with eating delicious food.

Growing up in France, my mother always cooked. We spent every Saturday morning at the farmer’s market. It’s a big part of why my food is always super fresh.

I cook for my clients the same way I cook for my friends and family, with a focus on making sure the main ingredient of each dish is always the star.

My first career was graphic design. But after fifteen years as an art director, I decided to follow my first passion: cooking!

Naturally, with design in my background, I love to play with colors and textures when I cook. To me, a beautiful presentation is just as important as how the food tastes.

Before I launched my own company, I worked in several catering companies’ kitchens. Today I cater all types of events: business lunches, photo shoots, corporate cocktail parties, store opening, private dinner parties, weddings. The list goes on… "