We offer full service catering buffets, pass hors d’oeuvres, custom cocktails in addition to our drop off services featuring a selection of hors d’oeuvres we make specifically for your party.

We love to get creative with custom menus tailored to each event. From finger food platters to pass hors d’oeuvres, we put the same care and creativity to come up with the perfect solution for your needs from 25 up to 800 guests. Take a look at our past menus below and reach out to us about your upcoming event!


Full Service Catering

Our minimum of food sale for full service catering is $800


Drop Off Service

We offer drop off services for parties featuring a limited menu of hors d’oeurves. Your food will be beautifully presented on environmentally-friendly platters and trays, ready to serve. We can also provide nice wood and ceramic platters.

Small serving ~ 15 guests / Large serving ~30 guests


Pass hors d’oeuvres menu

Served Cold

  • Blackened sirloin, horseradish cream sauce, caramelized shallots on a mini potato crisp

  • Toasted brioche, shaved fennel, fennel chutney and goat cheese

  • Home beet cured salmon, lemon and caper creme fraiche, herbed mini blinis

  • Grilled shrimp with tomatillo salsa, sour cream pickled red onion tostada

  • Mini beets crostini with goat cheese mousse, toasted hazelnut and micro arugula

  • Cod ceviche with citrus on a bamboo spoon

  • Japanese rice cake, spicy tuna tartar, nori

  • Mini tea sandwiches with scallion cream cheese, radishes, cucumbers

  • Broccoli rabe, pecorino, almonds crostini

  • Tuna poke crisps

  • Mini club sandwich bite

  • Zaatar grilled chicken, roasted red pepper, green tahini mini shawarma

  • Avocado and beet purée mini toast

  • Tandoori chicken rillettes, apple chutney, endives

  • Caesar salad style summer roll, parmesan dip

  • Salmon rillette, herbed puree, rye chips

  • Coconut marinated grilled shrimp, angel hair noddles, spring pickled vegetables, peanuts, lettuce cup

  • Spring crostini, ricotta, grilled asparagus, english peas

  • Mini poke bowls with marinated raw salmon, sushi rice, mango salsa, cucumber, sesame.

  • Beet tartar, goat cheese and carrot mousse, carrot top pesto on a spoon

Served Warm

  • Red lentils, sweet potato and sesame croquette, goat cheese whip, cucumber (can be vegan)

  • Chickpea fritters, lemon raita

  • Chicken sliders with creamy cucumber sauce, lettuce and cilantro

  • English peas and asparagus arancini with arugula mint pesto

  • Chicken skewers with thai peanut sauce

  • Chorizo, spring vegetables samosa with salsa verde

  • Curry cauliflower, spring peas, feta empanadas with tomato chutney

  • Thyme and gruyere gougere (cheese puff)

  • Mini grilled cheese, fennel pesto

  • Mini braised short ribs tostadas with marinated cabbage, pickled mustard seeds

  • Mini seasonal quiche

  • Mini beef sliders with caramelized onions, horseradish aioli and arugula

  • Mini lamb meat ball with roasted red pepper coulis, citrus chutney

  • Spanish ham and swiss croquettes with saffron aioli

  • Croque Mademoiselle (traditional croquet monsieur with grilled spring vegetables)

  • Beet and potato croquettes, cardamum yogurt

  • Korean bbq pork belly mini bao bun

Finger food menu

Our menus are seasonal and change daily depending on what’s available at the market and our chef inspiration.
Please contact us for our daily selection.

FINGER FOOD PLATTERS | 24 pieces per platters


  • Assorted mini quiche (room temperature)

  • Toasted brioche, caramelized fennel and goat cheese

  • Dijon deviled eggs with pickled shallots and crispy bacon

  • Grilled peached, baby tomato, ricotta crostini

  • Mini white beans tartelette with roasted baby tomato and olive tapenade

  • Yogurt and safran marinated chicken skewer with a thai curry dipping sauce (contain peanuts)

  • Caponata toast with olive relish

  • Traditional tomato mini bruschetta, basil salsa verde

  • Ratatouille tartelette with baby mozzarella, balsamic reduction


  • Mini Caesar salad like a summer roll, Caesar dressing dip sauce (contain bacon)

  • Grilled asparagus and smoke duck breast

  • Salmon rillette, baby lettuce, preserved lemon puree buckwheat crepe roll

  • Grilled chicken, tomato chutney, baby spinach and lemon aioli crepe roll

  • Goat cheese, figue preserve, fried walnuts crostini, fresh figs

  • Home beet cured salmon, lemon and caper creme fraiche, herbed mini blinis

  • Shrimp skewers with pickled Vietnamese vegetables in a lettuce cup

  • Homemade ricotta, roasted asparagus and chive tea sandwiches

  • Blackened sirloin, horseradish cream sauce, caramelized shallots on a bamboo stick


  • Mini bhan mi (grilled chicken, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumbers, cilantro and spicy mayo in mini baguettes)

  • Roast beef, roast baby tomato, watercress, horseradish aioli in a mini bun

  • Mini jambon beurre cornichon

  • Mini club sandwich

  • Mini poke bowl (marinated salmon, sushi rice, avocado, sesame dressing)

  • Mini grilled lemon and zaatar chicken kabob wrap with yogurt and herbed sauce, lettuce, chopped scallion and tomatoes

  • Pear, blue cheese, walnut, bacon and watercress open face on 7 grains

  • Roasted pork, pickled cucumber, whole grain mustard creamy sauce in mini ciabatta

  • House made beet cured salmon with chive cream cheese, pickled red onions in mini brioche

  • Creamy goat cheese, roasted beets, sautéed spinach, balsamic reduction on 7 grains mini buns

  • Chipotle grilled steak mini tacos (flour tortilla)